Your Herbelin watch has been designed with passion in its smallest details with a choice of noble and reliable materials. A faithful partner, your Herbelin watch will punctuate your life with precision.


In order to eliminate any risk of leakage and therefore damage to the movement, have this operation performed by an Official HERBELIN Agent.

Some chemicals can damage or discolor your watch.

Our watches have a mention engraved on the back, allowing you to know their degree of resistance to water. The “WATERPROOF” label on the back certifies that the watch has undergone waterproofing tests and controls.

Attention: to remain effective, the waterproofing must be checked at least once every 2 years and in any case at each change of battery of your quartz watch. Diving requires a minimum control at 10 ATM.

A watch with an automatic movement works with the movements of your arm. If the watch has stopped, remove the watch from your wrist and turn the crown clockwise about 30 times or until the second hand moves.

A watch equipped with a quartz movement works with a battery that lasts for several years. If your watch has stopped, replace the battery as soon as possible. A dead battery can damage the watch mechanism unless it is replaced promptly.

Have your battery changed by a professional, official Herbelin dealer.

– Do not operate the crown when the watch is wet.

– After immersion in the sea or pool, rinse your watch with fresh water.

– Avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity (e.g. sauna)

– Avoid violent shocks.

It is advisable to have your watch checked every 2 to 3 years by a professional.

Depending on your watch model, the crown has 2 or 3 positions: Normal / Intermediate: 1st click (date correction) / Pulled out: 2nd click (time correction).

SCREWED CROWN: To ensure perfect water-resistance, some Michel HERBELIN watches are equipped with a screwed crown. Your watch is only waterproof when the crown is fully screwed against the case.


The warranty on your Herbelin watch starts from the date of purchase and covers any manufacturing defect or hidden fault under normal use.

Its duration is 3 years for mechanical and automatic watches, and is 2 years for quartz watches (it can be extended to 5 years depending on the date of purchase).

To validate your warranty, you must have a completed warranty card.

Your warranty covers parts and labor.


It is offered for the original equipment of your watch. It is excluded from the warranty.

Its duration depends on the use of the watch as well as the care taken in its maintenance. It cannot be guaranteed.

The warranty does not cover damage to the glass, the case and more generally to any external part caused by shocks or accidental falls as well as by the presence of chemical or corrosive products. In addition, damage that occurs as a result of incorrect interventions or improper handling will not be taken into account.

or contact with water for a non-waterproof watch cannot be guaranteed. Similarly, any waterproof watch that has been opened must undergo a water-resistance test to benefit from the warranty.


Ensure quality control by visiting one of our 1,850 points of sale, worldwide. Our dealers will check the mechanics, the exterior and the strap of your watch.

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